When deciding to mount your poster, consider how often it will be handled and how it will be stored. If it is going to potentially change hands or needs to be rolled for shipping/traveling purposes, the more durable linen mount is recommended. The delicate paper mount, favored by museums and libraries, is recommended for pieces that will be handled professionally and infrequently.

The mounting process begins with the piece being washed in water and neutralized of acids and impurities. It is then backed with our high quality papers and canvas. We use a water soluble proprietary blend of archival organic adhesives, Japanese Masa paper, Okawara paper, and only the finest canvases.

Some papers require specialized attention and care. For these items we employ modern conservation techniques such as gelatin resizing, Japanese tissue repair, humidification, flattening, as well as de-mounting from previous materials and backing reconstruction.

More Information About Paper Conservation