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Original art, "The King In Yellow" by author/ illustrator Robert W. Chambers, circa 1895.
Watercolor and ink on paper glued to heavy chip-board. The artwork and board were nearly separate when received. Corners of both the artwork and the board were damaged and missing; the board had a large break/tear at lower right.
Measurements after restoration:
Board: 71.6cm x 53.8cm
Artwork: 56.1cm x 40.6cm
From the estate of Forrest J. Ackerman.
Artwork as received. Upper corners and top center are badly damaged. Three pieces are adhered to the board and some paper is missing entirely.
Verso of the artwork as it was received.
The board as received. All corners are damaged/missing and there is a significant splatter stain on the right side.
Verso of board as received. There is a large water stain at left and visible writing.
Board after cleaning and repair, prior to cosmetic restoration.
Artwork after conservation and repair, prior to restoration.


Board and artwork were separated and dry-cleaned. The large break/tear on the board was mended from verso and reinforcements were added in all corners using layers of board and paper to create the foundation for restoration. Board was pressed overnight. Artwork was repaired similarly from the verso, using local reinforcements and layers of paper to achieve the proper thickness. The corners of the board were locally airbrushed, and missing letters "O" and "W" were added by hand with watercolor and colored pencil. Artwork was restored by hand with watercolor, gouache, colored pencil and charcoal. Artwork was re-attached to the board in five spots (three at the top and two at the bottom) using water soluble PVA.


Project completed on 09/23/2010.